"Open Crown - Connect To Higher Self" mp3 Audio Track
This track has been composed to take you on a short but powerful journey to open the Crown Chakra, align your connection to Source and create a space for you to connect with your Higher Self.Within the track are 20...
Guided Shamanic Journey & Sound Healing - "Resonating a new reality into being"
Join Katherine as she guides you on a powerful journey into releasing what no longer serves and creating, embodying and fully aligning to a new way of being.For those who are wanting support to create a new reality, to align to...
Tuning Forks - Unweighted Set of Solfeggio (9 Tuning Forks)
Tuning Forks are manufactured by Universal Song. This set of 9 Solfeggio Frequencies include the individual fork frequencies of:- 174hz-258hz- 396hz- 417hz - 528hz- 639hz- 741hz- 852hz- 963hz          Benefits of working with Tuning Forks:Tuning forks have...
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