VibroAcoustic Therapy Training (40hr Certificate)
40hr training: (Including face to face training:)          Course inclusions: Online Course Training Videos & Portal 6 Hours Contact Time (zoom) 15 Sound Lounge Tracks VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy Textbook Sound Therapy video presentation & q&a Marketing Materials...
Advanced Energy & Sound - 90 min
Allow Katherine to take you on a journey to unpack and safely explore any hidden traumas, energetic blocks or unconsciously held beliefs which may be prohibiting - Your sense of connection to self- Healthy relationships or boundaries- Living with a...
Neuro-Acoustic Sound Session
Interested in finding the frequency of your nervous system?  Allow William to utilise advanced technology to scan your body as you lay on the vibroacoustic therapy sound lounge to find the frequency of your nervous system at rest and digest. ...
75 min Energy Alignment Session
This 75 minute session is a re-tune up for your mind, body and spirit. This session includes:   Beginning with a tuning fork sweep and scan of your energy field, allowing us to discover any imbalances within the energy field...
Online Tuning Fork Training
Tuning fork online training: Link to course here:  Course inclusions training & online portal access to training A Sound Healing Textbook Energy hygiene manual Self healing manual for working with tuning forks Online portal for learning         ...
$584.00 $417.00
Advanced Energy Training
- Advanced Energy Training Manual- Energy hygiene manual- Self healing manual for working with the energies- Practice session w/ another- Group Share with other studentsAn overview:- A vibrational medicine perspective- Understanding the bio field and relationship to physical body- Understanding...
Reiki 2
Reiki Level 2 provides the symbol to send via Distance through Quantum field. The Science for this can be found here! Each student receives attunements to these 3 symbols four separate times, and with each repetition the connection deepens.
Reiki 1
In a Reiki level 1 Attunement, students are attuned to three different symbols, which correlate to a unique aspect of reiki energy: Power, Mental/Emotional balance.
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