"I haven't felt this relaxed in a long

“Wow! I have been searching for years for healing music. As my hearing and senses are quiet heightened, I often find music out of balance. However, Katie Jane her music is just another level. Her tracks are just so on point, finely attuned and deeply healing. I just listened it for 3 hours and haven’t felt this relaxed in a very long time. when dealing with chronic pain finding some sense of ease in the body is quiet challenging and her tracks are the first I have heard that actually are powerful enough to bring calmness to my nervous system Absolutely brilliant and can highly recommend her music and other services”
“The Sound Lounge is that full-bodied experience of sound/music/healing I’ve been looking for. To feel the vibrations pulsing through my entire body was just so relaxing and somehow so right. I felt transported throughout the entire session, and can still feel the ripples of Katie Jane’s beautiful and ethereal music healing my body and mind days after the session. ”
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