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         3 Sound Healing Track Package

Allow yourself to go deeper with this 3 track package. Katherine has composed these 3 tracks as a deep journey into healing, restoration and relaxation for use with the Sound Lounge. Each track has embedded unique intentions for healing, which have been channelled through as she recorded the first layer of sounds through 10-15 crystal singing bowl layers. Katherine also embeds unique healing frequencies, Solfeggio Tones, sacred voice and self-recorded nature sounds to utilize the science of sound to bring about total mind - body - spirit vibrational alignment. 

These tracks are some of her best work yet & is so excited to share with all who wish to relax, retune, rebalance with the power of Sound! Please leave us a review of your experience. With love, VibroSound. 


Instruments: Chimes, Crystal Pyramid 528hz, Tuning fork of 528hz, Solfeggio Frequencies, Didgeridoo, Androgynous Indium Crystal Bowl, 6 x chakra quartz crystal bowls, Topaz Crystal bowl, Synths, Strings, Piano & Energy Channelling 

Intention: The healing intention of this track is to take you on a journey to completely let go of your mind, your body and to drift out into the vastness of space - finding yourself floating in the eternal love of Source Consciousness. The track is tuned to the Solfeggio Frequency of 528hz, with an emphasis on coming into the Heart Space and feeling safe, nurtured and ready to drift off to deep rest and sleep.  

What to expect: A sense of deep relaxation, calm, slowed brainwaves into Delta brainwave state. The music is very slow and long - meaning your mind is able to entrain to the slow rhythms and eventually let go, to a space of deep rest and sleep. Visualize a deep blue light encompassing your whole body and become engulfed in these healing frequencies. 

When to use: When feeling anxious, struggling with insomnia, when life is feeling overwhelming and you need to ‘switch off’. Take deep long breaths as you drift into the soundscape, allowing your being to vibrate with the light of the Universe, the stars and all that is.





Instruments:15 crystal singing bowls, channeled energy with the intention to connect to Divine Feminine frequencies for both masculine and feminine healing, didgeridoo for clearing, an engaging piano melody line, sacred vocals channeling violet light frequencies, slow motion ocean waves, whale sounds, nature sounds, 

Intention: This track was composed to create a sensation of connection to Divine Feminine Energies, for connecting to a safe loving feminine presence, for those who don’t have a mother, or don’t have a mother they needed, for those who want to find balance in their own masucline and feminine energy channels, for those who wish to accept and feel more self love and accept love from the world around them, for those who wish to relax into a world of bliss, calm, high loving energies and open their heart to receiving more love and abundance. This track has potent energies channeled through sacred voice, leaving you feeling connected to your multidimensionality and connection to Source and Love.

What to expect: Beautiful and loving melodies, a soft gentle sound of the ocean waves, a safe and supportive soundscape of sacred vocals and channeled energy healing to connect with Divine Feminine Energies. Nurturing and love for both masculine and feminine energies and a sensation of being fully supported in your emotions, thoughts, feelings and spiritual connection.

When to use: Use this track when you are needing to realign masculine and feminine energies, when you’re needing to feel held, loved, safe, supported and transported to higher planes of existence to remember your own Divinity. 






Instruments: Nature sounds from O'Rilley's, Whale recordings, cricket recordings, 3D panning ocean sounds, crystal chimes, synths, strings, piano, thera gold crystal bowl, throat chakra crystal bowl, 111hz, base chakra bowl, 33hz & 66 hz, rain sounds, choir sounds, 

Intention: This track was channeled to heal and restore the energy field of the Emotional Body, the layer of our energy field that holds dense or trapped emotions. It brings you deeper into your physical body with the vibrations and frequencies/ chosen musical chords to allow yourself to let go and expand through uncomfortable emotions, and return to a state of centredness, groundedness and acceptance of what is and love for Self. 

What to expect: Aspects of this healing track are intentionally designed to have wide and expansive string lines, which mimic the opening of the heart, to allow the feelings and emotions to surface. This is followed by a phase of integration, where the gentle piano movements and soft synths allow you to find that space of calm and love once more. Expect to feel cleared out from the inside out and set your own intention to move through dense or uncomfortable emotions. This track leaves you feeling lighter, more free and a sense of deep connection to yourself and your world around. 

When to use: This track can be used at any time of the day or night, when you feel you can’t move through looping thoughts or dense emotions, when you need to find calm in a chaotic period of life or just as a simple tool to connect back into your emotions - safely and held through loving frequencies and vibrations. Ground yourself into the now and feel yourself let go!

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Customer Reviews

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3 Track Sound Healing Package Sale
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