Advanced Energy & Sound - 90 min

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Allow Katherine to take you on a journey to unpack and safely explore any hidden traumas, energetic blocks or unconsciously held beliefs which may be prohibiting

- Your sense of connection to self
- Healthy relationships or boundaries
- Living with a flow of energy and safety in the world

Katherine works as an Intuitive Empath, and such can read the energies of the body and utilizes tuning forks to diagnose where energy blocks lay within the auric field and physical body, which in turn creates a landscape to paving a way to health, wholeness and freedom from pain.

Katherine uses VibroAcoustic Therapy to assist the physical body in entraining the nervous system into deep states of relaxation. Different sound tracks can be played throughout the Sound Lounge to retune physical aspects of the body. 

Within her Energy Work, she works as an Advanced Energy practitioner, having the ability to read and clear:

- Past life traumas
- Multidimensional facets and experiences which may be inhibiting the human experience
- Ancestral Lineage traumas which may be playing out and wanting to be cleared and resolved 

Sessions with Katherine are highly unique, and unlike typical Reiki. So she recommends you book in via a phone call first to connect and discuss how a session may benefit your own intentions for healing.

Please call 0412 462 963 
or email 

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Advanced Energy & Sound - 90 min
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