Deepest Sleep - 528hz - Vibrate With Oneness

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Deepest Sleep - 528hz - Vibrate With Oneness

Understanding Reality of Oneness In Your Life - Michal & Co

Instruments: Chimes, Crystal Pyramid 528hz, Tuning fork of 528hz, Solfeggio Frequencies, Didgeridoo, Androgynous Indium Crystal Bowl, 6 x chakra quartz crystal bowls, Topaz Crystal bowl, Synths, Strings, Piano & Energy Channelling 

Intention: The healing intention of this track is to take you on a journey to completely let go of your mind, your body and to drift out into the vastness of space - finding yourself floating in the eternal love of Source Consciousness. The track is tuned to the Solfeggio Frequency of 528hz, with an emphasis on coming into the Heart Space and feeling safe, nurtured and ready to drift off to deep rest and sleep. 

Expanding Consciousness ~ Sri Bhagavan - Oneness: Awakening San Diego


What to expect: A sense of deep relaxation, calm, slowed brainwaves into Delta brainwave state. The music is very slow and long - meaning your mind is able to entrain to the slow rhythms and eventually let go, to a space of deep rest and sleep. Visualize a deep blue light encompassing your whole body and become engulfed in these healing frequencies. 

When to use: When feeling anxious, struggling with insomnia, when life is feeling overwhelming and you need to ‘switch off’. Take deep long breaths as you drift into the soundscape, allowing your being to vibrate with the light of the Universe, the stars and all that is.

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Deepest Sleep - 528hz - Vibrate With Oneness
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