Feeling Safe In Your Body

Sound Healing Track

This track is a highly grounding energy, the intention is to create a sense of connection with the mind, body and the Earth. Allow the quartz, citrine and venusian energies to spark a sense of warmth within your body. The chord structure is very simple, allowing a sense of safety and continuousness for the nervous system to truly relax.

The healing sounds of nature, coupled with the intention of the rhythms to begin a re-connection with physicality, emotional balance and ease. This track is great for PTSD, anxiety, any disorder where it is uncomfortable to be within the body!

Set your intention to ground your energy down into the Earth, and release out through the breath any fears, tensions or worries. Bring to mind a memory of when you felt safe, protected, love, connected and expand this feeling right throughout your cellular and molecular structures- recreating a new sense of safety in your body. 

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