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Tuning fork online training:

Link to course here:  https://vibrosound.podia.com/tuning-fork-energy-alignment-training 

Course inclusions training & online portal access to training

  • A Sound Healing Textbook
  • Energy hygiene manual
  • Self healing manual for working with tuning forks
  • Online portal for learning


An overview:

  • A vibrational medicine perspective
  • Understanding the bio field and relationship to physical body
  • Understanding the chakra system
  • The basic theory of sound and music
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Emotional response from musical intervals
  • The solfeggio frequencies
  • How to use unweighted forks to diagnose blocked energy
  • How to work with your intuitive senses and gifts to read and interpret energy
  • How to clear stagnant energy from the body
  • How to release a trapped emotion through sound and voice with a tuning fork
  • How to bring new energy and frequencies into the body
  • Running a whole tuning fork session
  • How to choose forks


This course has 21 days of personal healing techniques with tuning forks, 9 days of Solfeggio Frequency healings, exercises to fully optimize the flow of energy throughout your chakra system and lessons on using your tuning forks for family and friends. This is totally self-run, however I have created fillable PDF journals along the way so you can stay focused, living and learning with INTENTION and have all the tools to be able to:

  • - navigate the current energies
  • - ground yourself and your state of being
  • - open your third eye and uplift your consciousness
  • - keep your energy stable
  • - help others to do the same

I am so deeply passionate about this course, I am offering a 30% discount to the first 10 sign ups, and a continual 30% discount for any Tuning Fork purchases.
Use Code: 'TUNEUP30' (within Podia)  https://vibrosound.podia.com/tuning-fork-energy-alignment-training 


I highly recommend anyone working with energy, sound and vibrational medicine to invest in working with Tuning Forks. I couldn't imagine running a session without this tool - for diagnosing, for moving energy, for finding extremely minute vibrational incoherencies and learning to shift trauma from childhood, ancestral lineages and past lives. My teaching style is bespoke to the student and such, we go at a pace that is comfortable to the individual and their aims with working with tuning forks.


A lot of the work is based in Energy, and such, I focus on building awareness on ones psychic and intuitive senses/gifts. When working with a new modality it is always crucial to begin with the self, and so the exercises focus on bringing your energetic systems into balance. Of course, as well as learning how to incorporate Tuning Forks for family, friends and clients!


I have witnessed such incredible results in my personal and professional life working with Tuning Forks, and I am so excited to share this with you too!


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Customer Reviews

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