VibroAcoustic Therapy Training (40hr Certificate)

Sessions and Trainings

40hr training: (Including face to face training:)


Course inclusions:

  • Online Course Training Videos & Portal
  • 6 Hours Contact Time (zoom)
  • 15 Sound Lounge Tracks
  • VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy Textbook
  • Sound Therapy video presentation & q&a
  • Marketing Materials for Vibroacoustic therapy
  • On-going support for 3 months after (texts and phone calls)
  • Personalized Support for individual business and clientele
  • Sound Track Recommendations for individuals
  • Crafting a 6 week programme
  • Personalised guided meditation for your practice embedded into the tracks
  • Discussion of Clients to craft on-going Session changes
  • Examination - Written
  • Examination - Spoken

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  • Inclusions:

    Theory Components:


    - The Science of Sound

    - The Science and origins of Vibroacoustic Therapy

    - How Sound Therapy heals all levels of human functioning

    - The Science of Sound and it’s role in retuning the body

    - Understanding the hierarchy of Sound

    - Activating Vs Calming Tones

    - Understanding the effect of different instrumentation

    - Understanding the effect of different tone/ timbre/ rhythms to create unique emotional responses

    - Understanding VibroAcoustic Therapy and how to explain the Science and Mechanics of the equipment

Whilst having a basic understanding of Energy and Sound is helpful, this course should take you through the very basics of how Sound is a healing modality.



This course will enable you to confidently explain to any type of person the functioning of the sound lounge, the benefits of sound therapy, the specifics of vibroacoustic therapy and its origins, the frequencies that are used within the tracks, how certain frequencies retune the body - this is important as you will have many questions you want to feel comfortable answering!


This course prepares you to have a scientific and energetic understanding and perspective of Vibrational Medicine and how to expect a particular Sound Lounge session to run. There is much room for discussion, personalisation and unique crafting of the experience with a range of clients, however the basics of Sound Therapy and any contra-indications will be covered. This course can be done over any period of time (within 12 months) and it is my pleasure to assist and support you to the best of my ability so you can feel assured you're helping clients in the best way possible through the healing modality of Sound!


The course will amount to roughly 40 hours of personal study time, personal experience with the Sound Lounge and healing tracks, online learning videos and in person (face to face or zoom) meetings, examinations and continued communication. IICT recognises Sound Therapy and my course adheres to their structure, meaning you can add Sound Therapy / Vibroacoustic therapy to your insurance plan.


The course cost is $2000 and will receive a 10% discount for any purchases or rentals of the Sound Lounge.

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VibroAcoustic Therapy Training (40hr Certificate)
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