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VibroSound is a family run business, inspired by the need for holistic healing, relaxation and meditation through Sound Healing. Meet Katherine & Colin, daughter and Father duo - with a mission to help humans relax, retune, rebalance. They believe sound will be the medicine of the future, and are working toward bringing that reality to all, now!

Meet Katherine

Katherine is a Sound Therapist and Holistic Health Professional, as a Reiki Master she understands the innate ability of Energetic Medicine to retune and reharmonize our mind, body, spirit. Katherine spent 15+ years studying classical music, theory and composition. She is a professional Pianist and currently composes Sound Healing and Music Therapy music for a range of clients.

Meet colin

Colin is the engineer and co-owner of VibroSound. Originally an aircraft engineer, Colin has many specialities and loves creating new inventions. All VibroSound Products have been dreamed up, planned and created with his bare-hands! When he isn't in the VibroSound shed, he can be found fishing on the Nerang River, or at the golf course!


To provide all walks of life with a space to deeply connect with their selves through the powerfully transformative therapeutic use of Sound, Music, Frequency, Vibration. From simply relaxation to healing from chronic disease and illness, it is our vision that Sound become the future of Medicine.

business statement

A healing focussed business using the medium of Sound with an emphasis on the healing and restorative benefit of vibration, frequency and energy.


To provide worldwide informational seminars and individual healing/coaching sessions on the science of sound, how it can heal and how to integrate sonic meditation into daily life for a preventative medicine focus. Katherine aims to implement the Sound Lounges in the schooling system across Australia, which has begun with Red Hill Special School, Brisbane!


To share Sound & Energy medicine through a safe, easy & affordable method to assist the transformation of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states. Ultimately creating a healthier, happier, more vibrant planet to live on!

Value Proposition

vibroSound Healing provides a wide range of high-quality products used to deliver the distinctive sound healing of Katherine Jameson. Katherines musical and healing talent combined with vibroSound Healing quality delivery medium guarantees an immersive, healing and invigorating experience for all users.

Product Differentiation

Katherines understanding of sound and vibration combined with her musical knowledge and skills provide a unique product in the Sound Healing space. Having the ability to create bespoke healing tracks for the individual is something Katherine is passionate about sharing.

listen to katherines compositions

piano jane on spotify

Katherine composes neo-classical tunes to inspire, to transcend and take you on a journey. She believes music is like a transportation tool, and trust us when we say - her music will certainly take you somewhere else!

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meditation music

Katherine composes music for meditation using a combination of crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, piano, nature sounds, chimes and more. She also records guided meditations for a range of unique experiences in meditation.

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