VibroAcoustic Therapy Training

Interested in working with the Sound Lounge?

VibroAcoustic Therapy is an incredible healing modality, positively affecting all levels of human functioning from the cells, to the emotions, the brainwaves to the energy field which surrounds all living things! There are incredible benefits of working with the Sound Lounge to assist your Holistic Health Care Practice, or simply add it as a standalone treatment.

- Clearing and cleansing the energy field
- Deeply relaxing to the nervous system bringing about incredible states of peace and calm
- Increasing blood flow and sending sound waves to all organs of the body to retune
- Supporting clients with chronic pain and illness
- Recharging the energy flow throughout the body
- Deepens ones connection to themselves and in turn their family/friends and the world around them

I couldn't imagine running a session without the Sound Lounge. There is so much to learn & apply with a very basic understanding of music theory, intervals, intention, visualisation and a little awareness of the way in which Sound positively impacts the body

In this course I aim to share with you a hands-on approach to opening a session, choosing a healing program that will be the most relevant for your clients needs, closing the session and integration techniques so as to create a vibrational cocoon of healing frequencies, energies and vibrations. If interested, this course is a great pre-courser to enrolling in the Beginners Sound Therapy Course - where I teach on a deeper level: - The science of Sound - How to use Crystal Bowls - How to use Tuning Forks - Sacred Space - Releasing Emotions - Toning and more!

Course Inclusions:

- Online Learning Portal
- The Science of Sound & How it heals
- 2 x 60 minute Zoom 1:1 trainings
- 6 Sound Lounge Healing Tracks
- Marketing Materials
- Become a registered Practitioner on the website

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