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“I use my Body Pillow with my yoga, on the couch, and in bed. I love it & my husband does too. ”

The VibroSound Body Pillow allows you a portable option to experience rejuvenation, meditation, relaxation through vibrations and sound pulsing through the cushion directly into your body. The same music plays throughout the cushion as through the headphones and you may choose to experience the cushion with or without headphones. Simply choose a track, feel the vibrations deep within your body and let your body deeply relax, retune, rebalance.

Benefits of VibroAcoustic Therapy

- Shifts & transforms anxious mental states
- Creates coherence in brainwave activity
- Assists with overcoming uncontrolled thought-patterns
- Chronic Pain Condition Relief
- Assists with Insomnia & sleep issues
- Calms & enhances moods
- Assists meditative practices
- Offers long term emotional regulation
- Soothes menstrual cramps
- Enlivens those with depressive feelings
- Allows greater focus on mind/ body awareness
- Creates greater clarity and productivity

relax, retune, rebalance

Healing vibrations to align your mind, body and soul. Coocoon yourself in sound. Great for the whole family

Sound is the medicine of the future & we are here to provide a safe, easy & effective way to transform mind,

body & soul..

Over 30+ Sound Healing tracks for unique experiences