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The music that comes from the lounge is not typical music you would hear from a speaker, it is pure frequencies and vibrations that are relayed through a technology called a ‘tactile transducer’. The frequencies from crystal singing bowls, gongs and other healing instrumentation and frequencies are spread throughout the body through the lounge, positively shifting and resonating and retuning the cells, organs, muscles, bones, and water of the body.
Great question! No, in fact there are hundreds of frequencies which are emitted from the instrumentation. Each track utilizes 6 or more crystal singing bowls, each bowl has a fundamental ‘note’ and within the musical structure of that sound there are many other harmonics and frequencies which come off one crystal bowl. Then times that by each of the crystal singing bowls. The body needs all frequencies to exist, to thrive, so the more frequencies and spectrum of frequencies the body has access to, the better!
The body, when distressed, diseased, disconnected from it’s vital energy runs at a discordant energy. The movement of chi becomes blocked through the organs, the cells, the meridians, the energetic centers. When it is given a stable and pure frequency, it has the ability to resonate and re-tune itself to the highest level of functioning. This process of Resonance is based in Physics, understanding that a stronger frequency will entrain a weaker frequency. I recommend you have a look at ‘Cymatics’ on the internet. When these healing frequencies are played on a medium such as water (which our body is 70% made from) the movement of the sounds causes movement and re-formation of the cellular and molecular structure. Allowing more of your natural energy, which we take in through frequencies such as sunlight, colour, the nutrients from foods etc, to flow harmoniously throughout all systems of the body.
This all depends on the individual. Depending on whether you’ve been guided into a relaxed process, however, the music and rhythms of the sounds entrain you into a deeper and slower brainwave process and your nervous system has time to entrain to stability, bringing you into homeostasis. Some people will feel relaxed and even fall asleep within 5 or so minutes. Others may have more to work through within their mind, subconscious and energy, so working up to a 40 minute session may be the best for that client. It is very individual, and typically our body knows when it needs more or less, so focus on your own intuition.
Each track is composed for a holistic approach to relaxation, healing and transmuting. The tracks follow a structure of sound - based on the certain frequency, the instrumentation, the intervals of sound which create a unique emotional response and the stability of the vibrations through the lounge to activate the ‘rest and digest’ aspect of the nervous system. I wholeheartedly believe that the crystalline intelligence, energy, frequencies that come through each track will be balancing a body on many levels, irregardless of what ‘condition’ someone may be facing. This being said, if you hone your intention on a certain aspect of healing and have the right frequencies, there can be a unique alignment with the track and personal goals which could bring about a more aligned experience. However, I really feel laying on the lounge, pulsing the frequencies through the body and relaxing your whole body, mind and spirit is a very powerful tool for self-healing.
This depends on what your intentions are, what state of stress or health your system is currently facing, how connected you feel to your body and more. I have created tracks in packages of 6 and feel that experiencing Sound Lounge sessions, whilst setting your intention, using the breath to release energetic blocks, allowing yourself to deeply connect into your center and going into deep states of meditation, can bring about great change in 6 sessions. This being said, you may find that you have insomnia and require a session daily to bring your energy back into how you really feel. Sometimes we have been running on ‘fake energy’ for so long, when we experience true relaxation we realize just how exhausted we are!
Creating a daily routine using the lounge is a wonderful experience. Allowing yourself to tune into your own energy, separate from others, separate from any systems and external forces, is a wonderful practice. Even using the Sound Lounge twice a day is great for shifting your physical body, retuning your cells, calming the nervous system, releasing stress, meditating and connecting to deeper spiritual aspects of the Self. There are many worlds to explore through the portal of Sound and your intention and desires are the limit!
The Sound Lounge and Vibroacoustic Therapy is not recommended for those with severe and chronic mental illness, for those who use a pace maker, those going through chemotherapy and for the duration of pregnancy.