Advanced Energy & Sound - 90 min

Sessions and Trainings

Allow Katherine to take you on a journey to unpack and safely explore any hidden traumas, energetic blocks or unconsciously held beliefs which may be prohibiting

- Your sense of connection to self
- Healthy relationships or boundaries
- Living with a flow of energy and safety in the world

Katherine works as an Intuitive Empath, and such can read the energies of the body and utilizes tuning forks to diagnose where energy blocks lay within the auric field and physical body, which in turn creates a landscape to paving a way to health, wholeness and freedom from pain.

Katherine uses VibroAcoustic Therapy to assist the physical body in entraining the nervous system into deep states of relaxation. Different sound tracks can be played throughout the Sound Lounge to retune physical aspects of the body. 

Within her Energy Work, she works as an Advanced Energy practitioner, having the ability to read and clear:

- Past life traumas
- Multidimensional facets and experiences which may be inhibiting the human experience
- Ancestral Lineage traumas which may be playing out and wanting to be cleared and resolved 

Sessions with Katherine are highly unique, and unlike typical Reiki. So she recommends you book in via a phone call first to connect and discuss how a session may benefit your own intentions for healing.

Please call 0412 462 963 
or email 

We are a small family business (Katie, Colin and Will) and every device is made to order. As soon as you place an order Colin will begin hand making your product in our Gold Coast warehouse which will be ready for delivery in 4 weeks unless we already have your item in stock.

When you purchase your product you will also receive a PDF download which will have your Set up instructions, 3 Free Sound Tracks and 12 month warranty information.

Feel free to contact Katie and Will, who are both trained sound therapists, before or after you purchase if you have any questions or concerns
Based in science, Vibroacoustic Therapy has been developed for a range of health conditions to promote:

-Helping the body self-regulate to a calming state.
-Lowered blood pressure.
-Reduction in pain and muscle tension.
-Increased relaxation and happiness.
-Increased blood circulation.
-Slower heart rate and reduction of stress.
-Better sleep quality.
Sound Lounges:
The Home, Standard and Advanced our all high quality vibro-acoustic therapy beds made by us in Australia.
Each lounge model varies in the type of transducer (speaker).
The home lounge uses small professional transducers, the standard lounge uses large professional transducers and the advanced lounge uses large high fidelity transducers.
Our whole range is suitable for your home or practise due to our high quality build and construction.
All produce an experiential 3D haptic sound massage.

Portable and Portable Pro:
Our portable products are more affordable and versatile vibro-acoustic therapy devices.
Our Lumbar Cushion, Body Pillow and Double Pillow are available as standard or pro.
The standard has 2 transducers and the Pro has 4 transducers allowing a larger surface area of sound vibration.
All our products are hand made on the Gold Coast, Australia.

VibroSound Healing was started by Katherine and Colin Jameson, a Daughter-Father Duo. Katherine is a Brisbane based Sound and Energy Therapist, Teacher and classically trained Composer.

VibroSound's mission was born from her 10+ years living with a chronic and debilitating pain condition.
After returning from her Sound Therapy studies in America with her knowledge and passion for VibroAcoustic Therapy and her Father, an aviation engineer, developed their own design and model. The Vibro Sound Lounge.

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Advanced Energy & Sound - 90 min
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