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Welcome to a space of exploring and understanding the power of Crystalline Intelligence, Sound frequencies and quantum energy healing techniques to assist you in becoming empowered over your mental, emotional, spiritual & physical health. The intentions of this course are to offer a theoretical and practical perspective of Sound as a healing modality, working with the human energy field system and utilising crystal singing bowls in a range of techniques for unique healing results. This course is aimed at personal healing, however these lessons can be applied for family and friends and to conduct a Sound Bath for yoga/ holistic health/ spaces and retreats. (Or however you see fit!)




What's involved
Course inclusions:

Theory of Sound:
- All is Vibration, Frequency, Energy
- What is Sound?
- Resonance
- Cymatics
- Resonant Frequencies
- Laws of Physics
- Water & Sound
- Brainwaves
- Entrainment
- Human Energy System
- Hierarchy of Sound
- Music Theory
- Sound & Consciousness

Practical Use:

- Choosing a Crystal Bowl
- How to play the Crystal Bowl
- Setting Sacred Space
- Sacred Voice & Toning
- Working with the Chakra System
- Personal energy field clearing
- Channelling the energy from Source
- Working with Planetary Consciousness
- Connecting to the energy of your bowl
- How to run a Sound Bath
- Using Light, Colour frequencies and Sound to clear, cleanse, realign, reharmonize your energy field

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