75 min Energy Alignment Session

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This 75 minute session is a re-tune up for your mind, body and spirit. This session includes:


Beginning with a tuning fork sweep and scan of your energy field, allowing us to discover any imbalances within the energy field which may be creating blocks within your body and life. Tuning forks have the unique ability to detect and retune simultaneously. Allow yourself to drift into a sea of healing resonance - to transform and uplift your field. 

We discuss and choose two appropriate sound lounge tracks for unique needs, beginning with a guided meditation on the vibroacoustic therapy sound lounge. Allow Katherine to channel healing energy for the body, as you retune your cells, waters, organs, bones and whole physical body to the hundreds of healing vibrations felt through the sound lounge. 

For a more advanced energy reading and clearing, please refer to the 90 min advanced energy and sound session. 

This session is via distance too - utilising psychic awareness/ advanced energy alignment techniques. 

For any questions or bookings, please contact Katherine at 0412 462 963 or email katherinejjameson@gmail.com 

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75 min Energy Alignment Session
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