Double Pillow - Rental Deposit - from $24 per Week

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If we don't have the rental product in stock it means that all our rentals are currently out for lease.
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We offer our custom Australian made Vibro-Acoustic Portable Devices at affordable rates for 3, 6 or 12 month rental contracts.

Here are the steps in our rental process:

  • Make this $200 refundable deposit plus shipping.
  • There will be a downloadable rental contract upon purchase for you to read and sign.  We wont be able to send you the rental product until the agreement is signed.
  • Send the signed rental agreement to
  • We will begin building your Double Pillow (up to 6 weeks)
  • Before we ship we will send a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription link which will automatically debit monthly until the end of the rental period.
  • You’ll receive a PDF which has 3 free sound tracks, Set up instructions and warranty information
  • Kick back on your Double Pillow and relax, retune, rebalance.

    Other notes:
    There is also an option to buy out the Double Pillow at the end of the contract.
    Please be aware the Double Pillow rental does not come with headphones.
    You will be required to pay shipping back to Gold Coast QLD at the end of the rental period.

The Double Pillow includes:

  • 1 x VibroSound Double Pillow

  • 1 x Amplifier

  • 3 x Free Sound Healing Tracks ($133 Value)
    - Heart Chakra
    - 528hz Deepest Sleep
    - Violet Flame

  • 1 x Y Splitter Cable

  • 1 x RCA to 3.5mm Cable

  • 1 x Headphone Volume Control

  • 12 Month Warranty

 Add Ons: These DON'T come with the Double Pillow.

Currently only shipping to Australia and New Zealand