Purely Crystalline Intelligence

Sound Healing Track

This sound track is made for the purpose of delivering crystalline healing, allowing each of the crystal bowls to interact with only eachother, to create an energetic stream of healing vibrations, rhythmic pulses to shift the brainwaves and a purification of dense energies/emotions to connect with the Higher Self. The lack of added melody allows your mind to wander, your spirit to soar and your soul to touch the deepest essences of Home.

The crystal singing bowls are purely quartz, amethyst, citrine, mother of pearl and the frequencies cover the resonant frequencies of each of the energy centres. A great track to play through the Sound Lounge as you add other modalities. Also a great track for playing in the background of spaces for Space Clearing. Great for backing to guided meditations.

Close your eyes and allow your whole being to be bathed in the sounds of Crystalline intelligence and gentle nature sounds.

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