The Sound of Earth, Oxygen and OM

Sound Healing Track

A track containing the frequency of the Earth, 136.1hz, combining the Earths atmosphere, Oxygen, Gold and 6 different crystal bowls with some gorgeous synths to offer you some deep relaxation, healing and connection through this magical soundscape.The audio track of the earths atmosphere allows you to close your eyes, visualise your spirit soaring above the earth, connecting to Star Family.

The main crystal bowls are the Quartz and Green Heart Ocean, connecting you with the energies of Mother Gaia, oceanic creatures and resonating with the Sacred Heart of the Earth, and all of Earths assistance.

The sound scape of the Earths atmosphere taken from NASA space recordings. With toning of the Sound ‘OM’ throughout, channeling energies of connection to Earth and the Cosmos. Allow yourself to close your eyes, and make the Sound of ‘OM’ as you tone - with your mouth open or closed.

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    The Sound of Earth, Oxygen and OM
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