Unity Consciousness and The Sun

Sound Healing Track
This track was composed with an energy for all to connect to, who wish to remember and embody the feeling of Unity Consciousness. Those who are tired of feeling separate, isolated, misunderstood or rejected by society. The frequencies are uplifting and hold the imprint of remembering we are all one consciousness. The Sun is a highly clearing energy, allowing us to become illuminated and to wash away the dust and negative imprinting from society, authority, restrictive powers that be. Set your own intention to wash away anything or anyone, any situation which you feel no longer represents the truth of who you are.

Feel the sounds of the nature, the breathy flute, the progression of the music and allow yourself to open your imagination to a world of connection, understanding, love and compassion. Feel the expansive music wash through your heart, your mind, and out into the energy field - to retune, uplift and revitalise your energetic field and vibration.
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