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benefits of vibro-acoustic therapy

  • Cellular rejuvenation
  • Increases production of nitric oxide (supports immune system functioning)
  • Decreases cortisol levels (stress hormone)
  • Increases serotonin, dopamine and endorphin levels in the blood stream (love, joy and happiness hormones)
  • Increased blood circulation and lowers blood pressure
  • Increased Sleep Quality
  • Lowers heart rate
  • Reduces inflammation
  • A reduction in pain and muscle tension
  • Shortened Healing Periods
  • Shifts & transforms anxious mental states
  • Grounding & Safety
  • Assists & enhances meditation practices
  • Offers long term emotional regulation
  • Enlivens those with depressive feelings
  • Mind, body spirit connection
  • Promotes a connection to Oneness/ Universe/ God
  • Raises your vibration

  • Allow yourself to relax, retune, rebalance in 20 minutes, with effects felt immediately.


    Vibro-tactile vibrations are delivered directly to the nervous system, creating an instant calming effect. Scientifically composed music shifts your brainwaves as you enter a deep state of peace and return to homeostasis.


    Sound has the power to literally retune your cells. Specific tracks are composed for a range of conditions like fibromyalgia, endometriosis, endocrine system retune and more. Retune your cells with cellular rejuvenation.
    Who doesn't need a good retune?


    Spending 20 minutes with VibroSound a day will rebalance your life. Come home after work and rebalance your mind + body + energy and see the long-lasting results to your sense of self, connection to others and the world around you. Invest in your life-balance.

    vibroSound Reviews

    Advanced levels of healing

    I've implemented the Sound Lounge in my energy healing business and I am blown away at how powerful this technology and level of healing is. The levels of relaxation and states of consciousness my clients are able to visit are more profound than anything I've ever witnessed. Highly recommend to all practitioners.
    Liz R.

    A must have for your home!

    I find it hard to meditate and find time to just sit still. With the body pillow I can completely unwind from the day in 10 minutes, Katie's sound tracks transport me to a different dimension and I come back completely refreshed and lighter than ever. A must have for your home!!

    Next level feeling!!

    If you can imagine a month's worth of sleep, meditation, yoga and self-love distilled into a single hour session - that's how I feel. Having your whole body vibrate to sound waves is a next level feeling.

    Sound Healing Music

    Did you know all the Sound Healing tracks are made by us?

    Katherine is a professional Sound Therapist, classical musician and composes each of the tracks with specific frequencies to retune the body, a range of high quality sound therapy instruments to evoke unique emotional responses, and channels Energy Healing throughout each track to totally rebalance the energy field of the body.

    There are over 30+ Sound Healing programs to run which have been formulated specific to VibroAcoustic therapy.

    Sound Healing Music