Crystal Singing Bowl Training

Learn to utilize the power of crystalline intelligence

Welcome to a space of exploring and understanding the power of Crystalline Intelligence, Sound frequencies and quantum energy healing techniques to assist you in becoming empowered over your mental, emotional, spiritual & physical health. The intentions of this course are to offer a theoretical and practical perspective of Sound as a healing modality, working with the human energy field system and utilising crystal singing bowls in a range of techniques for unique healing results. This course is aimed at personal healing, however these lessons can be applied for family and friends and to conduct a Sound Bath for yoga/ holistic health/ spaces and retreats. (Or however you see fit!)

To begin - what can sound do?


As sound is a mechanical wave, carrying energy - it has the ability to shift our molecular and cellular structures from spaces of disease, disharmony, blockages, and through entrainment and resonance it will set into motion the stagnant cells and entrain them into a smooth, harmonious, natural resonance.


We will learn that Sound has a hierarchy, it has a rhythm which creates a pulse, a beat. These rhythms can entrain our minds into deep states of calm and bliss, associated with the Theta Brainwave State. It can shift and transform our minds seamlessly, balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain.


Sound can powerfully attune our beings to our soul. Deep stillness, listening to our internal voice and heartbeat creates profound shifts in our states of BEING. Activating tones can awake our sleepy and depressed nervous systems. Soothing and calm tones generate a sense of calm for anxiety, tension, worry. We can resonate with joy, calm, peace, tranquility, serenity.


Sound Healing aligns us with the rhythms of nature, crystal consciousness has the innate ability to energise, expand, transform, alchemize our spirits and soul. Aligning with higher states of consciousness like love, gratitude, acceptance ties us back into our BEing state. Coming out of a 'doing' mode into being and receiving healing energies, frequencies and sound. Sound connects us to the rhythms of nature, the natural world, the planet, the cosmos, eachother!

Is this course certified?

You will receive a Certificate of Completion from VibroSound Healing, yes! However, please do be aware, currently there are no certifications for Sound Healing in Australia. Upon research, the cert 4, Diploma of Sound Healing certified courses have not been renewed in quite some time. I am currently looking into having my Sound Therapy course certified in Australia.

Do I need a crystal singing bowl to start?

I would recommend having at least one crystal bowl to begin with. This is different to a tibetan singing bowl. We are working with crystalline consciousness. Should you wish to discuss which crystal bowls would best suit you, please email me and we can discuss!

When does the course start?

The course begins whenever you are ready! The theoretical aspect is online, and as I work with more students, I upload some practical lessons to the online classes. You can reach out for personal trainings at the beginning, the middle, the end! Classes are flexible, as I understand life can get busy!

Do I need to do it in person?

The course totally depends on you. You’re welcome to join me in person, in Auchenflower, Brisbane. However, we can connect on Zoom and work through lessons, inspirations, techniques. There is much to learn and even more personal practice to embody, I am here to guide you.

Do I need to have any other training to do this course?

No! This course is open to all, it is working from the beginning levels of understanding Energy Medicine. I am happy to work with all levels of knowledge and do not discriminate. Should you wish to continue learning with me, there is room for more training in Sound Therapy and Energy Healing and VibroAcoustic Therapy.

Will I get a discount on your Reiki Course?

Yes, all students are entitled to a discount on following courses. I offer Reiki Level 1, 2 and Masters. Enquire within to learn more. I want to also learn how to set up my business and move into becoming a practitioner, will you support me in this? I have been there too, my friend. I am more than happy to coach through business start ups, including website design, social media, marketing, developing your skill set to hold sacred space and run Sound/ Energy Healing sessions for clients. Enquire within and we can bring your magic to life.

Level 1 Crystal singing bowl course

What's involved
Course inclusions:

Theory of Sound:
- All is Vibration, Frequency, Energy
- What is Sound?
- Resonance
- Cymatics
- Resonant Frequencies
- Laws of Physics
- Water & Sound
- Brainwaves
- Entrainment
- Human Energy System
- Hierarchy of Sound
- Music Theory
- Sound & Consciousness

Practical Use:

- Choosing a Crystal Bowl
- How to play the Crystal Bowl
- Setting Sacred Space
- Sacred Voice & Toning
- Working with the Chakra System
- Personal energy field clearing
- Channelling the energy from Source
- Working with Planetary Consciousness
- Connecting to the energy of your bowl
- How to run a Sound Bath
- Using Light, Colour frequencies and Sound to clear, cleanse, realign, reharmonize your energy field

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