111Hz Cellular Rejuvenation

Sound Healing Track

This track is specifically designed for the intention of rejuvenating the cells of the body.

111 Hz is associated with the production of endorphins. This healing frequency assists in cell rejuvenation and regeneration. By producing endorphins, 111 Hz relieves pain and elevates mood. It can increase feelings of overall well-being, empathy, and improves focus and memory. 111hz is also:

  • Amplifies feelings of inspiration, vitality, rejuvenation, happiness & confidence

  • Increases emotional stability - more centered/calm

  • Deeper, more restful sleep

  • Boosts immunity & increases well-being


Allow yourself to go on a journey, with unique combinations of crystal singing bowls, nature sounds to relax - retune - rebalance! Visualise yourself communicating with your cells and breathing the sounds and frequencies into any aspect of the body you hold tension.

For a Vibro-Acoustic Therapy Device :
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