Advanced Energy Training

Sessions and Trainings
- Advanced Energy Training Manual
- Energy hygiene manual
- Self healing manual for working with the energies
- Practice session w/ another
- Group Share with other students

An overview:

- A vibrational medicine perspective
- Understanding the bio field and relationship to physical body
- Understanding the chakra system on a deeper level
- How to create complex healing structures
- How to take clients into other dimensions for healing
- How to channel energy from the Great central Sun
- How to use colour frequencies for healing
- Clearing, cleansing the ancestral lineage of each chakra
- Clearing & releasing past life traumas
- Upgrading chakra templates Entity Removals
- Cleansing energy cords between all connections
- Dissolving implants/ structures/ energetic tethers
- Running the 'full protocol'
- How to overlay the Higher Self
- How to upgrade and fortify the Auric Field
- Creating bespoke guided processes for the client
- How to upgrade the psychic senses

Before purchasing, book in with a consult either by phone or zoom
Book at or call 0412 462 963 
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Advanced Energy Training
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