Divine Feminine Healing Track

Sound Healing Track

Divine Feminine Healing: 

  Divine Feminine Rising – AWE Partners     

Instruments: 15 crystal singing bowls, channeled energy with the intention to connect to Divine Feminine frequencies for both masculine and feminine healing, didgeridoo for clearing, an engaging piano melody line, sacred vocals channeling violet light frequencies, slow motion ocean waves, whale sounds, nature sounds.


   Embracing the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine — Sunday Soul  Connection

Intention: This track was composed to create a sensation of connection to Divine Feminine Energies, for connecting to a safe loving feminine presence, for those who don’t have a mother, or don’t have a mother they needed, for those who want to find balance in their own masculine and feminine energy channels, for those who wish to accept and feel more self love and accept love from the world around them, for those who wish to relax into a world of bliss, calm, high loving energies and open their heart to receiving more love and abundance. This track has potent energies channeled through sacred voice, leaving you feeling connected to your multidimensionality and connection to Source and Love.

What to expect: Beautiful and loving melodies, a soft gentle sound of the ocean waves, a safe and supportive soundscape of sacred vocals and channeled energy healing to connect with Divine Feminine Energies. Nurturing and love for both masculine and feminine energies and a sensation of being fully supported in your emotions, thoughts, feelings and spiritual connection.

When to use: Use this track when you are needing to realign masculine and feminine energies, when you’re needing to feel held, loved, safe, supported and transported to higher planes of existence to remember your own Divinity. 


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Divine Feminine Healing Track
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