Gentle Gong Journey

Sound Healing Track
This track is created with the Side Real Moon Gong, the sounds of nature and an intention to use the clearing frequencies to shift any stagnant emotions, energies, resonance within the body to make way for a new state of being. 

One of renewal, connection to self and Source, and harmony with your surroundings. Allow yourself to go on a journey supported by the healing crystalline intelligence of the Citrine Crystal Bowl, Androgynous Indium - for balancing masculine and feminine energies - and the Thera Gold bowl - for providing a stabilising container to release and shift, shift, shift! 

Breathe into your systems - nervous system, skeletal systems, endocrine system and more the power of the Gong - and breathe out to make way for the new energies and frequencies for the body to thrive. 
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