Inner Earth Realm

Sound Healing Track
Inner Earth Realm is a track intended for you to reconnect with the Energy of Earth. For those who may live in cities, live busy lives connected to computers, screens, concrete jungles. It is so crucial to come back to the natural beauty and lifeforce provided to us by the Earth.

This track has the frequencies of different crystal singing bowls, of nature sounds, of birds, of a gong, chimes! A true delight for the senses. Allow yourself to visualise your energy dropping down into the middle of the Earth and feel into the Crystalline Grid of Gaia. Visualise yourself in your favourite place in nature, take 10 rounds of very long and deep breaths and feel your whole body begin to relax and drop.

Breathe up the new energy of relaxation, groundedness, connection to nature - through your feet. Draw the energy right up into the centre of your Heart. Spend some time breathing deeply into the back of your heart.

This is a great track to play throughout the house, to uplift the vibration and energy of the home!
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