"Open Crown - Connect To Higher Self" mp3 Audio Track

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This track has been composed to take you on a short but powerful journey to open the Crown Chakra, align your connection to Source and create a space for you to connect with your Higher Self.

Within the track are 20 layers of Crystal Singing Bowls - Alchemy Tones bowls utilising:

mother of pearl - connecting to divine feminine energies
androgynous indium - balancing masculine and feminine energies
laughing buddah - promoting childlike wonder and balance
thera gold - creating a healing container for the masculine and aligning to strength

As well as self-recorded nature sounds from o'reilly's rainforest retreat, Gold Coast - featuring gentle streams, waterfalls, birds and crickets. 

The high frequencies are set to create a warm and light 'buzzing' sensation within your crown. Katie has channeled energy healing and codes throughout her body as she records the piano, strings and synths - to set the intention to connect all to their Higher Self and Source Consciousness. 

Close your eyes. Go on an inward journey.
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"Open Crown - Connect To Higher Self" mp3 Audio Track
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