Solar Plexus

Sound Healing Track

Welcome to a series of healing energies & frequencies created with the intention of realigning, reharmonizing, rebalancing and empowering each energetic centre of the body. Using the fundamental frequency of each energy centre in the body, the frequency of the colour yellow & a beautiful combination of Crystal Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, the audible frequency of Oxygen, Gold, Silver and paired with intentional rhythms, timbres, tones, textures to create a stable and balancing effect on the mind, nervous system, emotional body and physicality.

You may enjoy placing your hand over this energy centre and breathing the frequencies into every little cell of your body, into your DNA. Holding the highest blue-print of health for your system:

Self esteem - Will power- Sense of authority - Personal Power - Embodiment - Clearing thoughts - Digestion 

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