Heal The Emotional Body With Source Energy

Sound Healing Track

Heal the emotional body with source energy:

         Seeing From The Heart Meditation – Center For Spiritual Living Chico

Instruments: Nature sounds from O'Reilly's, Whale recordings, cricket recordings, 3D panning ocean sounds, crystal chimes, synths, strings, piano, thera gold crystal bowl, throat chakra crystal bowl, 111hz, base chakra bowl, 33hz & 66 hz, rain sounds, choir sounds.

Intention: This track was channeled to heal and restore the energy field of the Emotional Body, the layer of our energy field that holds dense or trapped emotions. It brings you deeper into your physical body with the vibrations and frequencies/ chosen musical chords to allow yourself to let go and expand through uncomfortable emotions, and return to a state of centredness, groundedness and acceptance of what is and love for Self. 

      The Vibration of a Human Heart - Healing Energy Tools

What to expect: Aspects of this healing track are intentionally designed to have wide and expansive string lines, which mimic the opening of the heart, to allow the feelings and emotions to surface. This is followed by a phase of integration, where the gentle piano movements and soft synths allow you to find that space of calm and love once more. Expect to feel cleared out from the inside out and set your own intention to move through dense or uncomfortable emotions. This track leaves you feeling lighter, more free and a sense of deep connection to yourself and your world around. 

When to use: This track can be used at any time of the day or night, when you feel you can’t move through looping thoughts or dense emotions, when you need to find calm in a chaotic period of life or just as a simple tool to connect back into your emotions - safely and held through loving frequencies and vibrations. Ground yourself into the now and feel yourself let go!

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Heal The Emotional Body With Source Energy
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