The Symphony Sound Lounge - Rental Deposit

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If we don't have the rental product in stock it means that all our rentals are currently out for lease.
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We offer our custom Australian made Vibro-Acoustic Sound Lounges at affordable rates for 6 or 12 month rental contracts.

Premium Rental vs Standard Rental. What's the difference?

Premium Rental you can purchase at any time and choose any colour you like, we will custom make this and have it delivered within 6 weeks.

Standard Rentals are dependant on our available stock, if a rental is in stock then it will be available at the Standard Rental Price. Please check the products on the website for availability. 

Our Rental System:

  • Purchase this Symphony Sound Lounge - Rental Deposit as well as shipping.
  • We will send you a rental agreement via email (eSignature) to review and sign.
  • For Premium Rentals we will begin building your Symphony Sound Lounge (up to 6 weeks)
  • For Standard Rentals we will ship your device out once we have this deposit and shipping paid and the agreement has been signed.
  • We'll set you up on an automated subscription to pay rent monthly.
  • When you receive the device you'll have 3 free tracks and set up instructions to help get you set up and started. 
  • Kick back on your Symphony Sound Lounge and relax, retune, rebalance.

    Other notes:
    We DO NOT offer Rent to Buy options.

    There is NOT an option to purchase at a discount at the end of the Rental Period.

    Please be aware the Symphony Sound Lounge rental does not come with headphones.

    You will be required to pay shipping back to Gold Coast QLD at the end of the rental period.

    Sound Lounge rentals do not come with the standard pillow attachment, this can be purchased in the accessories section at 10% off when you purchase with a rental.

This product does not come with headphones or a music player

    The Symphony - Sound Lounge includes:

    • 1 x VibroSound Symphony Sound Lounge

    • 1 x Amplifier

    • 3 x Free Sound Healing Tracks ($133 Value)

    • 1 x Sound Lounge Audio Cable

    • 12 Month Warranty

      Does NOT Come with Headphones or Media (Music) Player

    Weight and Dimensions:

    The Symphony - Sound Lounge: 190 x 75 x 10cm - 10kg
    Amplifier: 7 x 12 x 9cm - 0.3kg

    Add Ons: These DON'T come with the lounge.

    Currently only shipping to Australia and New Zealand