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Set Up Instructions

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Hello & welcome! A world of relaxation awaits you ..

Welcome to your VibroSound Lounge. We're looking forward to helping you relax, retune, rebalance with vibroacoustic therapy. Please find your set up video below and a list of FAQ's. Please refer to this should you have any troubles down the line.

1. Whats in the box?

The Powerpack
The Sound Lounge Cable

2. Additional Items

3. Before we start

4. The Setup

5. The Setup continued

6. the setup continued

7. The headboard

8. Headphones and Pillow

9. Plug in your player

10. Press play and adjust volume

Let's download your tracks!

Your 3 free VibroAcoustic Therapy tracks await. Prepare to relax, retune, rebalanace with VibroSound founder Katherine Jameson's scientifically composed VAT healing tracks for your enjoyment.

Download Tracks Here

A list of commonly asked questions for your support

Where's the best place to place my Sound Lounge on?

The sound lounge works best on a massage table or something with a hard surface. Note: The bed will absorb some of the vibrations. This applies for concrete too.

What type of audio devices are compatible with the VibroSound system?

The higher quality the device relays the highest quality output to drive your Sound Lounge. If you have a high quality laptop or phone, please use this. Older models of phones and laptops sometimes do not have enough power to adequately drive the sound frequencies through the bed. We also recommend our Sandisk Media Player, which can be found in our store.

Can I use wireless headphones with the vibroacoustic system?

The Sound Lounge is set up with fully wired headphones only.

How do I adjust the volume of the bass vibrations moving through the VibroSound Lounge system?

The bed vibrations are controlled by the amplifier. You may also control the overall output of both the vibrations through the bed and the headphones simultaneously through the device (aka the phone, laptop, sandisk)

Can I use any music with the VibroSound device?

Only VibroSound tracks are permitted to be used with the Sound Lounge. This is due to the sound frequency tracks being scientifically and uniquely engineered to create a healing environment and response within the body. There are over 50+ VibroAcoustic Therapy tracks to choose from. Katherine is always open to composing new tracks, so if you'd like to email her at with a suggested track, she would love that.

How do I clean and maintain the VibroSound Lounge?

The Sound Lounge is made from medical grade vinyl. You can simply make a wipe with vinegar and water to wipe down the fabric after use.

Are there any safety precautions I should be aware of during the use of the Sound Lounge?

Please refrain from using water or drinking water around the VibroSound technology. There are electrical wirings within the Sound Lounge which could cause potential hazard if not used properly.

What troubleshooting steps should I follow if I encounter technical issues with the vibroacoustic system?

Step One:

Try unplugging and plugging everything back in.

Step Two:

Test the volume is up on your music playing device, if using laptop test it is up on the Itunes Media player and the physical laptop aswell. Test the volume is up on the amplifier & the headphone port.

Step Three:

Check the amplifier has lights on. If not make sure it is plugged in correctly at the wall with the power switched 'on'.

Step Four:

Try changing the device that you are using. Ie Change from laptop to high quality phone, change from phone to mp3 player.

Step Five:

Contact us at if none of these steps have resolved the issue and we will gladly assist you in having your Sound Lounge up and running.

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