VibroAcoustic Therapy Training (40hr Certificate)
40hr training: (Including face to face training:)          Course inclusions: Online Course Training Videos & Portal 6 Hours Contact Time (zoom) 15 Sound Lounge Tracks VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy Textbook Sound Therapy video presentation & q&a Marketing Materials...
Online Tuning Fork Training
Tuning fork online training: Link to course here:  Course inclusions training & online portal access to training A Sound Healing Textbook Energy hygiene manual Self healing manual for working with tuning forks Online portal for learning         ...
$854.70 $610.50
Advanced Energy Training
- Advanced Energy Training Manual- Energy hygiene manual- Self healing manual for working with the energies- Practice session w/ another- Group Share with other studentsAn overview:- A vibrational medicine perspective- Understanding the bio field and relationship to physical body- Understanding...