tuning fork training

Interested in working with Tuning Forks?

Tuning Forks are incredible tool and with some basic understanding and practice you can easily incorporate Tuning Fork into your personal life, energy healing/ holistic healing modality.

- Clearing and cleansing the energy field
- Cleansing the energy of the home/ office
- Retuning relationship dynamics ‘in the field’
- Detecting imbalances in the energy field across ‘time’
- Supporting an Energy Healing Session
- Deepening your connection to harmonic intervals and creating harmony within your personal environments, work life & relationships

I couldn't live without my tuning forks in sessions & in life. There is so much to learn & apply with a very basic understanding of music theory, intervals, intention, visualisation and a little focus on our intuitive / psychic gifts!

Tuning forks can be weighted or unweighted, which have different uses for on the body and through the energy field! This can all be explored within the Tuning Fork Training, or just by playing around and having some fun!

Tuning forks I recommend:

Unweighted Forks Solfeggio Series
174 Hz - Relieve Physical and Energetic Pain. Gain a Sense of Safety, Security
285 Hz - Regeneration of the Body. Gain a Sense of Wellness & Optimism
396 Hz - Release Fear, Guilt and Shame. Increase Feelings of Being Safe, Grounded & Connected
417 Hz - Create Space and Momentum for Positive Change. Reconnection to the Divine
528 Hz - Forgive Grievances and Release Fear. Make Room for Miracles and Unconditional Love
639 Hz - Create Harmony in Relationships and Boost Communication
741 Hz - Powerful Clear & Creative Personal Expression
852 Hz - Clear Inner Vision, Connecting to the Wisdom and Intuition of the Higher Self
963 Hz - Experience Divine Consciousness. Heal from An Eternal Sense of Oneness

Weighted Forks: 111hz & 116hz Weighted Forks: Schumann Resonance

Course Inclusions:

Tuning fork training:
Course inclusions: 2 day training & online portal access to training

- Sound Healing Textbook
- Energy hygiene manual
- Self guided manual for working with tuning forks
- Online portal for learning

An overview:

-The vibrational medicine perspective
- Understanding the bio field and relationship to physical body
- Understanding the chakra system
- The basic theory of sound and music
- Brainwave entrainment
- Emotional response from musical intervals
- The solfeggio frequencies
- How to use unweighted forks to diagnose blocked energy
- How to work with your intuitive senses and gifts to read and interpret energy
- How to clear stagnant energy from the body
- How to release a trapped emotion through sound and voice with a tuning fork
How to bring new energy and frequencies into the body Running a whole tuning fork session How to choose forks My rate for training is $250 a day. A healing session is $160 for 90 min session, discounted session price is $140 for those who train with me. My suggestion is to come for a sound and energy alignment session to understand the experience and feeling of the Tuning Forks first, then we begin the training. As everyone is at such a unique place in their Sound Healing journey, all courses are tailor made to the individual and their desires, intentions and energy.

Level 1 Crystal singing bowl course

What's involved
Course inclusions:

Theory of Sound:
- All is Vibration, Frequency, Energy
- What is Sound?
- Resonance
- Cymatics
- Resonant Frequencies
- Laws of Physics
- Water & Sound
- Brainwaves
- Entrainment
- Human Energy System
- Hierarchy of Sound
- Music Theory
- Sound & Consciousness

Practical Use:

- Choosing a Crystal Bowl
- How to play the Crystal Bowl
- Setting Sacred Space
- Sacred Voice & Toning
- Working with the Chakra System
- Personal energy field clearing
- Channelling the energy from Source
- Working with Planetary Consciousness
- Connecting to the energy of your bowl
- How to run a Sound Bath
- Using Light, Colour frequencies and Sound to clear, cleanse, realign, reharmonize your energy field

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