Vibro-Acoustic Therapy in your space

If you're looking to build Sound Healing and Vibro-Acoustic Therapy into your space you've come to the right place.

We've spent years refining our products and have learnt alot along the way. We know the capabilities of low frequency sound and would love the opportunity to help you incorporate and install it into your space. Wether it's a zero gravity chair, a bed, yoga studio, false or raised floor, business, retreat space, yurt, tipi or home cinema we can bring a beautiful vibrational experience to your space at a reasonable price.

We are Australia's experts in Vibro-Acoustic Therapy and love to bring Sound Healing into every home to help people relax, retune, rebalance. Anywhere, anytime.

Contact us for a free Quote
Please send us an email explaining a few things about how you'd like to incorporate vibro-acoustic therapy into your space, business or whatever idea you have.
Please include the following if necessary:
  • Your Idea or Vision
  • Your purpose (Is it for the family, personal, business, clients)
  • Photos of the space are really helpful

    We're excited to work and connect with you.
    Love the Vibro Sound Family