Guided Shamanic Journey & Sound Healing - "Resonating a new reality into being"

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Join Katherine as she guides you on a powerful journey into releasing what no longer serves and creating, embodying and fully aligning to a new way of being.

For those who are wanting support to create a new reality, to align to a higher soul purpose, to feel grounded & secure in your every day life. 

We are electro-magnetic beings- our thoughts are electric, our emotions are magnetic. Before we can bring in the new energy, it's crucial to fully release and let go of old programming, subconscious beliefs, beliefs adopted from parents and the ancestral line. It's time to let go, to make space and fully create a blank space in which we can attract and magnetise the new way of being - one that is 

- fully supported by others
- grounding and harmonising to our soul purpose
- secure, safe, fulfilling, nurturing 
- creative and enjoyable 

Katherine has specifically composed the 30 minute shamanic sound healing track with healing vibrations of 10 crystal singing bowls, sacred voice, energy healing, didgeridoo, chimes and nature sounds. 

This meditation allows you to energetically connect and align with the new aspects of you, and can be repeated as many times as you desire until you can fully feel the effects of the new reality encoded within your mind, body and energy systems.

This will be available as an MP3 to save to your phone or computer. A YouTube secret link can also be sent if you desire, reach out to katherine at at time of investment. 

For those wanting to go deeper in clearing and releasing, Katherine is offering 15% off energy alignment sessions to all who invest in this meditation. 

With love and blessings,

Guided Shamanic Journey & Sound Healing - "Resonating a new reality into being"