Nervous System Regulation Package

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Introducing Our Bespoke Nervous System Regulation Package

Combining your HRV real-time data, your specific frequency, 3 month use of VibroSound technology, energy field diagnosis & clearing - this package is an immersive experience to take control of your health. Invest in your mental, physical, emotional & nervous system health today. 

Are the demands of modern life leaving you feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and dis-regulated? Join Katherine & William for a highly tailored Nervous System Regulation Package, uniquely created to retune you into zero-stress states with advanced technology data, vibroacoustic devices & live HRV information to support you making lasting changes. A focus on clearing the energy field, which proceeds the formation of physical disease - allowing you to release past traumas and harmonise your electro-magnetic field w/ advanced energy alignement with Katherine. 

Feel completely supported to full invest in your nervous system regulation with monthly sessions, daily vibroacoustic therapy & bespoke frequency-specific tracks to literally re-tune you into your own personal homeostasis. 

Components of the Package:

  1. Personalized HRV Monitoring: Begin your journey by using our cutting-edge HRV monitor. It provides insights into your Heart Rate Variability, allowing us to understand your unique rhythm and needs.

  2. Frequency Zero Stress Session with William: During a 90-minute session with William, uncover your individual frequency at zero stress. This tailored experience sets the foundation for your holistic transformation.

  3. Energy Pathway Diagnostic with Katherine: Embrace a 90-minute diagnostic session with Katherine, utilising sound and energy pathways to delve into your body's unique energy signature and electromagnetic field. Katherine will provide you with a reading of your energy systems, and support you to clear trauma patters from this life, past life and ancestral lines. A powerful session to shift your vibration. 

  4. Vibrosound Device Rental: Experience the power of our vibrosound device, available for a 3-month rental term. This cutting-edge technology merges sound therapy and vibration to create a harmonizing effect on your energy and nervous systems. Katherine composes specific tracks to retune your cells, nervous system and you will recieve a range of daily guided meditations to support you to 'do the work' from home. 

  5. Ongoing Monthly Treatments: Benefit from monthly sessions with both Katherine and William, ensuring consistent support and progress. 2 monthly sessions to continue regulating the nervous system & clearing the energy field. 

  6. Guided Meditation and Vibroacoustic Tracks: Immerse yourself in a collection of guided meditations and vibroacoustic therapy tracks, tailored to your specific frequency. These tools enhance your journey towards equilibrium and tranquility.

Unique Approach: Our approach centers on your individual frequency, harmonising your energy system and nervous system rate. This personalised strategy cultivates a profound impact on your well-being.

Track Your Progress: With the use of the HRV monitor worn for 3 days prior and 2 weeks throughout the 3-month program, you can observe your nervous system progress firsthand.

Benefits You Can Reap:

  • Establish a stronger mind-body connection
  • Enhance emotional resilience
  • Release emotional trauma
  • Attain a regulated nervous system for stress resilience
  • Experience deeper sleep
  • Enjoy improved digestion and mental clarity
  • Cultivate a profound sense of well-being and self-care
  • Ignite boundless energy and connection
  • Embrace responsibility and relaxation

Target Audience:

This package is tailored for those who find themselves stretched thin by life's demands – whether from parenthood, demanding careers, significant life changes, or unresolved past traumas. It resonates with sensitive souls attuned to the energies of the world and those navigating major life transitions.

The VibroSound Device:

Choose from our Vibrosound Mini - Double Pillow - Lumbar Cushion to use on a 3 month rental term. 

The package includes:

- HRV 3 week use 

- A written summary of your HRV results before and after treatments 

- 3 x Neuro-acoustic Therapy Sessions w/ Will & data feedback on progress (one session a month) 

- 3 x Advanced Energy & Sound Therapy Sessions w/ Katherine & feedback on energy field progress (one session a month) 

- 3 month use of VibroSound Device (with rental contract) 

- Specific sound tracks for you to use w/ your device in the varying brainwave states, and guided meditations as recorded by Katherine to use daily. ($40 per track x 6 states sent fortnightly) 

Payment & plan: 

The sessions package = $1700
The Device Rental is a separate fee. VibroSound weekly portable product rental rate is $31. 

The treatment package is able to be paid in 3 monthly instalments of $567 a month

A VibroSound rental contract is to be signed for the 3 - 6 or 12 month rental use of a portable product. A $200 deposit is taken as security, and will be returned upon return of device. An option to continue renting your device is available and an option to purchase your device is available at the end of the rental period. 

To Enrol:

Please contact Katherine on 0412 462 963 or email to connect for a free 20 minute discussion on your intentions, your health concerns and whether this program would be viable for you. 

VibroSound are committed to supporting all to return their health to homeostasis, balance & to relax, retune, rebalance through the healing power of Vibrational Medicine. 

We are a small family business (Katie, Colin and Will) and every device & tuning fork is made to order. As soon as you place an order Colin will begin hand making your product in our Gold Coast warehouse which will be ready for delivery in 6 weeks unless we already have your item in stock.

When you purchase your product you will also receive a PDF download which will have your Set up instructions, 3 Free Sound Tracks and 12 month warranty information.

Feel free to contact Katie and Will, who are both trained sound therapists, before or after you purchase if you have any questions or concerns
Vibro-acoustic therapy utilizes sound vibrations to promote relaxation, stress reduction, and overall well-being. It combines the principles of music therapy, sound healing, massage and meditation to create a healing experience.

Our Sound Lounges are embedded with speakers (transducers). These speakers produce low-frequency vibrations that are synchronised with calming music or sound frequencies created by our founder Katherine. The vibrations are transmitted through the body and ears, stimulating the sensory nervous system and inducing a deep sense of relaxation.

The vibrations stimulate the body's natural relaxation response (vagus nerve), which helps reduce muscle tension and stress. The vibrations also have a massaging effect on the body, promoting improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow, decreased inflammation and pain relief. Additionally, the combination of sound and vibration can help entrain brainwave activity, leading to a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness.

Vibro-acoustic therapy has been used to alleviate a variety of conditions, including anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disorders, and emotional distress. Come along to one of our events to go to another page. or visit one of our practitioners to go to another page. to experience for yourself.
Based in science, Vibroacoustic Therapy has been developed for a range of health conditions to promote:

-Helping the body self-regulate to a calming state.
-Lowered blood pressure.
-Reduction in pain and muscle tension.
-Increased relaxation and happiness.
-Increased blood circulation.
-Slower heart rate and reduction of stress.
-Better sleep quality.
Sound Lounges:
The Aria, Sonata and Symphony are all high quality vibro-acoustic therapy beds made by us in Australia.
Each lounge model varies in the type of transducer (speaker).
The Aria lounge uses small professional transducers, the Sonata lounge uses large professional transducers and the Symphony lounge uses large high fidelity transducers.
Our whole range is suitable for your home or practise due to our high quality build and construction.
All produce an experiential 3D haptic sound massage.

Portable and Portable Pro:
Our portable products are more affordable and versatile vibro-acoustic therapy devices.
Our Lumbar Cushion, Body Pillow and Double Pillow are available as standard or pro.
The standard has 2 transducers and the Pro has 4 transducers allowing a larger surface area of sound vibration.
All our products are hand made on the Gold Coast, Australia.

VibroSound Healing was started by Katherine and Colin Jameson, a Daughter-Father Duo. Katherine is a Brisbane based Sound and Energy Therapist, Teacher and classically trained Composer.

VibroSound's mission was born from her 10+ years living with a chronic and debilitating pain condition.
After returning from her Sound Therapy studies in America with her knowledge and passion for VibroAcoustic Therapy and her Father, an aviation engineer, developed their own design and model. The Vibro Sound Lounge.
Nervous System Regulation Package