Violet Flame

Sound Healing Track
This track is to creates a space of deep relaxation, calm, assisting in anti anxiety , depression - takes you on an inner journey to rest your spirit, become attuned to the energy of your soul and acts as a transportation tool to journey far and wide. Created with the use of crystalline consciousness - Violet Flame & Venusian Mother of Platinum energies.

The Violet Flame is a high frequency light which has a transmuting power, enabling one to retune and shift the densest of trauma, suppressed memories, toxicity within the body, stagnancy within the energy and negativity within the mind. 

As you listen to this track visualise the violet flame pouring down through your crown and breathe this light into the centre of your heart and radiate out into any space or place you're holding tension or constriction. On the exhale release what no longer serves you. Set your intention to go as deep as you can. 
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