what to expect

What you can expect to experience in a session with Katie:

Each session is personally attuned to the unique needs of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of being. As an intuitive empath, Katie works alongside each client to identify the stored emotions, traumas, patterns, blockages of energy accumulated from childhood, adulthood, past-lives & ancestral lineage. She works on both the physical body & energetic body - as everything begins as energy, we can clear the initial wounding to alchemise and create a new energetic patterning within the inside- which in turn, creates the external reality.

Energy & Sound alignments can be useful to re-harmonise a range of states of being:

- Childhood trauma - Sexual Abuse - Suicidal Tendencies - Miscarriages - Womb troubles - Infertility -

kids & youth sessions

Katie holds unique sessions tailor made to the individual child, with varying lengths and protocols for connecting, relaxing and creating a safe and welcoming environment.

Total Alignment

The total alignment sessions covers the full range of Energy & Sound protocols, including Tuning Forks, Crystal Bowls, the Sound Lounge & Energetic Alignment - where each energy centre is opened and upgraded. Book a consult to find out more.

In each session

Throughout the 90 minute session Katie creates a safe, sacred and relaxed environment to discuss your current state of being, asking you questions to help you discover the root of your dis-comfort, where you feel these emotions in your body and to consciously allow the pattern to release.

Then in the body-work aspect, Katie creates a sonic container where she creates a light and gentle guided meditation with sound bowls & works on your Energy field. - Crystal Sound Bath to relax your nervous system, to calm your mind, retune your being - Tuning Forks - Weighted & Unweighted to clear & cleanse Energetic Bio Field - Gong & Chimes - To break up any stuck Emotions/ stagnant energy pockets in your Field - VibroAcoustic Therapy Sound Lounge - A vibrating Sound Lounge to imbed healing frequencies at the cellular level

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