A place for deep peace and relaxation,

anywhere, anytime..

“It’s as though every cell in the body is glistening, dancing to the rhythms”

A VibroSound Lounge is a therapeutic healing tool, embedded with tactile transducers to pulse healing frequencies throughout the whole body to enhance mind, body, soul health.

Benefits of VibroAcoustic Therapy

- Shifts & transforms anxious mental states
- Creates coherence in brainwave activity
- Assists with overcoming uncontrolled thought-patterns
- Chronic Pain Condition Relief
- Assists with Insomnia & sleep issues
- Calms & enhances moods
- Assists meditative practices
- Offers long term emotional regulation
- Soothes menstrual cramps
- Enlivens those with depressive feelings
- Allows greater focus on mind/ body awareness
- Creates greater clarity and productivity

Sound is the medicine of the future & we are here to provide a safe, easy & effective way to transform mind,

body & soul..

Australia’s First Sound Lounge.
Made local

We are proud to present to you Australia’s first VibroAcoustic Therapy Sound Lounge. VibroSound Healing is a family run business. All products are designed and manufactured here in South-East Queensland by Colin Jameson. All our Sound Lounge healing tracks are consciously composed by our Founder and Sound Therapist, Katherine Jameson.
Over 30+ Sound Healing tracks for unique experiences