“The Sound Lounge is that full-bodied experience of sound/music/healing I’ve been looking for. To feel the vibrations pulsing through my entire body was just so relaxing and somehow so right. I felt transported throughout the entire session, and can still feel the ripples of Katie Jane’s beautiful and ethereal music healing my body and mind days after the session. ”

Benefits of VibroAcoustic Therapy

- Shifts & transforms anxious mental states
- Creates coherence in brainwave activity
- Assists with overcoming uncontrolled thought-patterns
- Chronic Pain Condition Relief
- Assists with Insomnia & sleep issues
- Calms & enhances moods
- Assists meditative practices
- Offers long term emotional regulation
- Soothes menstrual cramps
- Enlivens those with depressive feelings
- Allows greater focus on mind/ body awareness
- Creates greater clarity and productivity

A vibrating SoundLounge, incorporating advanced technology vibration transducers, permeates healing frequencies throughout the whole body. The sounds are uniquely designed to induce states of deep relaxation and healing. Paired with headphones, the sounds and music effortlessly transform mental and physical states to those of calm, peace and bliss.
What to expect in a session?

You'll remove only your shoes and lie on the Sound Lounge. Once comfortable, you choose a healing track based on your needs to address the issues indicated and turn on the amplifier to power the Sound Lounge.

Immediately you're able to feel the gentle vibrational frequencies through the lounge as well as hear the same healing frequencies/ music through through headphones or surround sound speakers.

You are able to close your eyes and begin to relax, retune and rebalance for a session of around 30-60 minutes. The relaxation response begins between 10-15 minutes and clients report feeling many pleasant sensations, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Abstract thinking slows and body and mind awareness expands. You can expect to experience warm, gentle vibrations throughout your body as the vibrations from the lounge pan up and down the body. You may fall asleep and begin to experience clarity and relief of pain or symptoms, inducing a deep relaxation response. ​ When the track gently fades out you're encouraged to remain in the space of silence and integration, where the body is deeply relaxed and the vibrations begin to fade and you'll gently returns to normal waking state. ​ The impact of a Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy session can be long lasting. Many reports include feeling as though a deep nights sleep has been had, decreased thoughts, and shifting into a rest and digest nervous system state.

Customer Reviews


Incredible. Transformative. Unforgettable. And most of all: healing. I was skeptical at first as to how a mere musical track could have a physical effect on my body, but Katherine's Sound Lounge & classically composed tracks have changed my life for the better. My body now feels lighter, more energetic, and my mind is clear from negative emotions that were blocking my potential. If you can imagine a month's worth of sleep, meditation, yoga and self-love distilled into a single hour session - that's how I feel.

March 26, 2022

So healing!!

A friend of mine recommended I try the Sound Lounge because I suffer from anxiety and chronic pain. I can't even find words to describe my experience. I listened to 2 tracks in a row and have never felt so much bliss in my body before. Having your whole body cocooned in sound waves is seriously next level. Even just listening to the music alone is healing!!!
Sally L.

Jan 15, 2022

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