Personalised Water Encoding VibroAcoustic Sound Track - Heal With Your Voice
Unlock the power of sound and water and your own voice with our Personalised Sound Healing Track. Harnessing the principles of cymatics, the groundbreaking research of Dr. Masaru Emoto, and the transformative potential of sound, this unique service allows you to...
Positive Birthing Affirmations & Session
Introducing "Positive Birthing Affirmations" – a nurturing experience designed to accompany you on your childbirth journey, curated by Katie, a dedicated sound therapist, energy channel and a new mother who has been there! Katie's inspiration for this offering was born through...
Complete Spa & Massage Package
Welcome to a complete spa and massage package for your clients. This package is available for your vibroacoustic therapy sound lounge or portable devices, to utilise as stand alone healing treatments or to use as add on experiences to your...
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