Standard Pillow - Sound Lounge Accessory Only
The Standard pillow is an attachment to your sound lounge. It can't be used as a separate device. The standard pillow easily connects to the interface of the sound lounge to be used on any area (eg: chest, heart, knees,...
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Headphones - Shure
The SRH440 Professional studio headphones provide exceptional sound reproduction and comfort. Optimized for home or studio recording, they reproduce accurate audio across an extended range. Enhanced frequency response delivers accurate audio across an extended range Impedance and power handling optimized...
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Headphone Volume Control
We highly recommend investing in an option which allows you to separately adjust the volume of the music/sound vibrations which plays throughout the Sound Lounge and the headphones. Sometimes you may wish to have a very slight level of sound throughout...
Edifier Speakers - Bluetooth Speakers (Pair)
Looking to incorporate sound throughout your room as you listen to the Sounds throughout the Sound Lounge, or any of the VibroSound portable products?We recommend investing in a pair of speakers which you can play throughout the room to listen...
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